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The Concept
Coffee World is a premium specialty coffee house that offers a comprehensive range of hot and iced coffees with fresh complementary foods such as waffles, sandwiches and our signature cakes, muffins and cookies. The company places a lot of emphasis on picking and roasting the finest Arabica beans to create rich brews prepared by our highly trained baristas (professional coffee makers). To prepare its iced and ice-blended coffees we favor the use of fresh ingredients, instead of using pre-mixes. Coffee World operates a variety of outlets, ranging from large outlets of up to 160sqm to small kiosks of 25sqm. The outlets are designed to give the look and feel of luxurious and comfortable living rooms. Coffee World constantly innovates by frequently introducing new food and beverage creations.

Our Mission
Continuously innovate to increase customer satisfaction by offering high quality coffee drinks & complementary foods in a comfortable, inviting and luxurious environment.

Fred Mouawad, founder of the Swiss-based company, Global Franchise Architects, was always intrigued by the power and growth potential of retail brands that are recognized, visible, and accessible to a broad customer base. He noticed the emergence of coffee houses in the US, and was convinced it would one day become a trend in Asia. He saw that coffee - the most consumed beverage in the world - crosses all cultural, political and economic lines and is an experience shared by all people from all cultures. This idea was the driving force behind Mr. Mouawad's vision of Coffee World - where the world meets. He viewed the coffee shop as a global meeting ground that can be a shared experience by all.

In 1997 he launched Coffee World to offer consumers in different countries and cultures the same holistic experience revolving around innovative, high quality beverages and complementary foods served in an upscale living room environment by friendly expert baristas. As with all GFA brands, Coffee World believes that customers come first and has therefore, in each country, adapted its product line to the required extent to appeal appropriately to local nuances and customer preferences.

Today Coffee World has over 100 stores in 7 countries: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Sudan, Thailand, The US, and Vietnam, and is expanding across national boundaries to reach and touch more consumers with its pleasurable settings, superb products and its Swiss hospitality.

In a world where coffee shops are everywhere and the once recent trend has sparked a plethora of brands and styles worldwide, Coffee World continues to grow as a global competitor with its unique approach and dedication to the customer experience. Our careful selection of beans and unique roasting method, our wide range of highly developed recipes, our pleasing and comfortable atmosphere and our expert barista style service make Coffee World one of the world's premier coffee brands.
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